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Rags Acoustic Enclosures for DG Sets

  • Rags Acoustic Enclosures comprises High class Sheet Metal of Dismountable and Modular type with acoustic walls and Roof panels are assembled on bolted Structure.
  • Provision of Acoustic Doors and Glass Windows with Zinc Passivity hardware
  • For complete support of the whole structure the Base Frame is made out of India standard Medium Channel (ISMC)
  • Sound proofing of the enclosure is done with high quality Resin Bonded Rockwool of  96kg/m3 confirming IS- 8183
  • For Higher efficiency and better removal of the Heat generated inside enclosure and Fresh air Inlet Forced air ventilation system is provided.
  • Rags Acoustic Enclosure will have excellent aesthetic look and is suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Rags Acoustic Enclosures meet the norms laid by Central Pollution Control Board

Acoustic Enclosure for Heavy Machines
We provide wide variety of Acoustic Enclosure for Heavy Machines like Compressors, Turbines, Root Blower, Short Blasting and press machines etc.. The enclosure will be provided with soundproof doors and glass windows in adequate numbers. To take away the heat built up inside the enclosure, forced ventilation package with ventilation exhaust blower, ventilation intake silencer and ventilation exhaust silencer will be provided. The openings that are required for piping, cables etc., will be acoustically sealed. Provisions for electrical and fire fighting system shall also be made

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